The aim of mediation is to assist our clients to reach agreement regarding their legal dispute without the expense and emotional stress of going to Court.

Mediation can help identify the key issues in a dispute  and explore options for their resolution. It is a process where parties are  encouraged to explore options rather than solutions being imposed on them.


The Court encourages mediated solutions and an attempt at alternative dispute resolution is a requirement before filing a Court Application.


Requirements for attending mediation


Courts and tribunals in most instances, will require parties to proceedings before them to attend court ordered mediation as part of the preparation of the case. Lloyd and Lloyd has skills and capacities to prepare, advise and attend at a mediation.


Our staff include nationally accredited mediators and practitioners, with many decades of experience in the practice procedure and law regarding mediation and other alternative dispute resolution procedures.


There are other alternative dispute resolution procedures such as arbitration, expert determination, neutral evaluation and informal settlement. We can offer advice and representation for these alternative for dispute resolution procedures.


Legal representation during mediation


While a person is not required to have their lawyer present during mediation, they can and should seek advice before undertaking any family dispute resolution process.

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